About Us

Geotechnical Engineering research  laboratory addresses a wide  range of problems  posed 
by the spatial variability and complex material  properties of soils and rocks. Geotechnical 
engineers design dams, embankments, cuts,  foundations, retaining walls, anchors, tunnels,
and all other structures directly interacting  with  the  subsoil, both o nshore  and  offshore.
Risk  assessment  associated to  geohazards  such  as  landslides  or  earthquakes is another 
responsibility  of  geotechnical   engineers. Geotechnical  engineering  is based on soil and 
rock  mechanics  and  testing. Analytical   methods play a  major role in today's  design but
are more and more replaced by numerical methods. Geotechnical  Engineering  Laboratory
is involved   with  research  activities  in  soil   testing,  soil  modeling, numerical  analyses,
slope stability including progressive failure.  


Our goal  is to carry out research  in  geotechnical  engineering which  will enhance the 
welfare of humankind and meet the needs of the nation.  



Research Areas

  • Ground motion studies using finite fault simulation
  • Site Characterization  and Seismic Microzonation of
    Indian Mega cities.
  • Site amplification studies.
  • Estimation of Vulnerability Index using Microtremor
  • Post earthquake damage studies.
  • Earthquake awareness and preparedness.
  • Numerical modeling of slopes .
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